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Signs of Vitamin Deficiency

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Trying to save time by taking shortcuts, like eating fast foods, can have detrimental effects on our health. Fast food generally lacks in necessary nutrients that our body needs and may result in nutrient deficiencies. Eating the wrong kind of carbohydrates and fats can deprive us of obtaining essential vitamins and minerals, limiting vital bodily processes. For example, not consuming enough vegetables can lead to a Vitamin C shortage, resulting in a weakened immune system and even joint pain. But our bodies are quite remarkable as they will signal that we are suffering from vitamin or nutrient deficiencies. If you are suffering from a vitamin deficiency, drip hydration by IVologist can help.

Hectic Lives = Bad Habits

As life moves faster and more is demanded of us, many of us fall into the trap of leading a hectic lifestyle that drains rather than energizes. As we get busier, our time for activities like exercise and sleep often take the back seat to other tasks, leaving us feeling sluggish and at risk of developing unwanted habits such as unhealthy eating or binge-watching TV late at night.

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It can be difficult to break these patterns that have become so routine in our lives. Still, there are steps we can take to recognize where our bad habits are impacting our well-being and make adjustments to prioritize healthier options overall. With effort and dedication, it’s possible to turn around these habits and reclaim one’s energy and enthusiasm for life. Here are a few ways in which our bodies tell us something is wrong.

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Cracked Lips And Vitamin B

Cracked and dry lips can be an annoying and itchy feeling. It’s a common ailment and usually attributed to cold, dry weather. But there could be a much deeper cause for your chapped lips: a Vitamin B deficiency. If you’re also experiencing sore or bleeding gums, frequent mouth sores, or cracked tongue, these are all signs of inadequate levels of Vitamin B in your body.

Fortunately, our body makes Vitamin B naturally through healthy bacteria in the gut, which means you can get back on track by taking probiotics to ensure you get enough of this essential nutrient. Eating nutritious foods like beef liver, salmon, eggs, leafy greens, and bananas will also help reinvigorate your supply of Vitamin B and restore balance to your cracked lips and mouth. Of course, an IV drip hydration from IVologist will help as well.

Night Blindness And Vitamin A

Night blindness is a condition in which a person has difficulty seeing in dark or dimly lit environments. Though the cause of night blindness can vary from person to person, one potential explanation could be that a lack of vitamin A is causing it. Vitamin A is essential for our vision as it helps the eye convert light into signals the brain can interpret.

Therefore, when someone does not have enough of this vitamin in their system, their vision takes a hit no matter what time of day it is. Those who are suffering from night blindness should consult with their doctor and see if adding more vitamin A through supplements or dietary changes could help improve their vision at night.

Gingivitis, Bleeding Gums, And Vitamin C

Poor oral hygiene is a common cause of bleeding gums and gingivitis. Poor brushing and flossing can lead to these problems, and an inadequate intake of specific vitamins may also be the culprit. Specifically, research has shown that a deficiency in vitamin C can be responsible for inflamed, bleeding gums and early stages of periodontal disease.

As vitamin C plays a role in tissue formation and helps maintain the integrity of your gum lines, it’s vital to ensure you’re getting enough if you’re having problems with gingivitis or other mouth-related health issues. Eating fruits such as citrus and strawberries or taking a daily supplement are great ways to avoid a possible vitamin C deficiency.

Severe Hair Loss And Iron

It’s normal to experience some thinning of the hair from time to time, but severe hair loss should be a cause for concern. While it may simply be a sign of aging or a reaction to something in your environment, it could also be an underlying medical condition that needs attention. A visit to your doctor is a must in such cases, as they will be able to determine what exactly is causing your hair loss.

An iron deficiency is one possible culprit, and you should pay attention to this. Iron deficiencies can start abruptly and result in a serious reduction of healthy red blood cells, leaving you tired, weak, and susceptible to hair loss. Any suspected deficiency should be addressed immediately with the appropriate diet and supplements to keep yourself healthy. With the proper treatment, you can bid farewell to your hair worries in no time.

Growing Pains And Vitamin D

Bone pain is not something we expect to experience well into adulthood, but for many of us, it is one of the inevitabilities with age. While it may feel like a normal part of aging, bone pain stems from an unexpected cause – vitamin D deficiency.

As we age, our body’s ability to produce adequate amounts of vitamin D diminishes, and external sources often become necessary. If you’ve been dealing with aches and pains similar to what you experienced as a kid, you may want to check your vitamin D. Vitamin D helps promote healthy bone growth; when levels are insufficient, our bones become brittle and prone to breakage and pain. Fortunately, various dietary sources and medications can help increase levels of this vital nutrient in the body, alleviating any discomfort due to lack thereof.

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