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Mens Testosterone Levels & Symptoms

Age-Related Shifts in Men's Testosterone Levels

As men progress in age, their testosterone levels naturally decline, giving rise to various aging-related symptoms. However, these effects can be counteracted and even reversed through the application of Bioidentical Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

While conventional TRT clinics, both online and traditional, might entail expenses exceeding $500 for the preliminary consultation, we provide equivalent care and bioidentical treatment at a more accessible price point. Refuse to endure the negative symptoms of aging any further.

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Low Testosterone Symptoms

Optimal testosterone levels have historically been associated with males over the age of 40. However, the landscape has shifted, with even young men as early as 18 experiencing low testosterone. This phenomenon has been termed a “Low T” epidemic, a situation readily explicable by various factors.

The prevalence of estrogen in our daily dietary intake has risen, waterborne chemicals have been shown to diminish testosterone, the pressures of modern living contribute, and essential vitamin deficiencies in our diet play a role in lowering testosterone levels in men. The manifestation of low testosterone yields a multitude of symptoms. Yet, there’s a swift, simple, and cost-effective solution to restore you to the realm of high testosterone using our at-home testosterone replacement therapy treatment plans.

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy Options

Option 1: Injectable

Testosterone Injections

Starting at $169/month

3 Month Supply Billed & Shipped Including:

  • 200mg/ml Testosterone Cypionate Vials
  • Syringes
  • 12 Weeks Of Medication

Option 2: Topical

Testosterone Cream

Starting at $189/month

3 Month Supply Billed & Shipped Including:

  • 60gm Testosterone Lipoderm Creams
  • 12 Weeks Of Medication

Option 3: Oral Compounds

Troche Gels

Starting at $249/month

3 Month Supply Billed & Shipped Including:

  • Gel Capsules Formulated to Boost Natural Testosterone Production
  • 12 Weeks Of Medication

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