NAD+ IV Therapy & Treatment

Improve Your Health and Strengthen Your Wellness With NAD IV Therapy

NAD IV therapy is incredibly beneficial for improving numerous areas of your health and wellness, but did you know we specially infuse IV bags with vitamins and nutrients that may improve metabolic function, mental clarity, and function? At IVologist, we proudly offer NAD+ IV therapy in San Antonio and Austin to help you look and feel fabulous from head to toe — through every stage of life. So please keep reading to learn more about this specially formulated IV bag, and contact us today to book your appointment!

Anti-Aging Properties

As we age, an increased production of free radicals accelerates the aging process; studies show that NAD IV therapy slows down and even reverses this process.

Boosts Organic Function

NAD IV therapy enhances organ function at the cellular level, preventing the accumulation of lipids and fat that damage organ health.

Helps Manage Chronic Stress

With a NAD infusion therapy session, you can rest assured that your body will receive the nutrients it needs to feel more energized and combat fatigue.

Addiction Recovery

While it's not a replacement for conventional treatment, NAD drips can be an excellent resource for those seeking to recover from addiction. For example, it will help detoxify you and provide increased energy levels that may be necessary as your body fights off drugs or other substances abuse.

How NAD+ IV Therapy Can Help You

Key Benefits Of NAD+

NAD IV Therapy For Athletes

Since NAD therapy boosts enery, it can be utilized by athletes to enhance performance, it also helps muscle recovery after a workout.

Helps Battle Anxiety And Depression

NAD+ drips have been shown to boost neurotransmitters, chemical messengers that carry signals throughout your body, which combats anxiety and depression.

Restore & Improve Cognitive Function

Our NAD IV therapy improves cognitive function by aiding in the function of brain cells and helping them adapt to stressful situations.

Helps Combat Inflammation

Stress, infection, and toxins are common problems that increase inflammation; NAD IV infusion therapy activates enzymes that help prevent inflammation.

nausea relief

Hangover Therapy

NAD+ drips help you get on with your day after a night of drinking and fun, so there is no reason to suffer with headaches and nausea.

Improved Energy Level

Feeling tired and worn down?NAD+ therapies are especially helpful for those looking to increase their energy levels.

What Is NAD+ IV Therapy?

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) is found in every living cell in your body, and it is essential to the creation of energy in your body. In fact, it serves two primary functions; it turns nutrients into energy and plays a significant role in the metabolic process. In short, it acts as a transporter that moves electrons from one molecule to another. In addition, NAD+ also helps to regulate your circadian rhythm, which is critical to your wake/sleep cycle.

While the scientific community has known about NAD since just after the turn of the 19th century, their understanding of what it does continues to evolve. However, they already know that NAD is an essential compound critical for maintaining the health of our tissues, cells, and bodies.

Unfortunately, scientists also know that as we age, there will be a decline in NAD levels. The decrease in NAD levels has been linked to numerous diseases, including cancer, cognitive decline, and sarcopenia. The good news is that many of these diseases can be slowed or even reversed by restoring NAD levels.

Happy IVologist Customers

Kellye Jimenez



We are working the fireworks works stand at 7760 Hwy 87E San Antonio Texas, and this year it is hot. Bartosz Kostur was amazing and so helpful. He took only one poke to find our veins and helped talk us down from being a little scared about the process. He was knowledgeable and friendly. They also worked around our very busy schedules and came out on our convenience each and every time. This has been a major relief for me to not have to worry about getting dehydrated out here while working. Thank you IVologist and Bartosz.

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Great Service! I believe I had Bert help me, he was so good, professional and friendly. Made me feel very comfortable and informed with what he was putting in my pregnancy bag. Definitely recommend and will be using this service again in the future!

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Had them come to my hotel after not feeling good. My appointment was with Bartosz and he did a great job. I felt much better after. Good communication and on time




The nurse arrived on-time and was very friendly and professional. The process was not long and pleasant. Getting relaxed sleepy as told so let's see.

NAD+ IV Therapy In San Antonio & Surrounding Areas

If your body needs additional support to improve metabolic function, mental clarity, cellular function, and so much more, then the NAD+ IV therapy bag is just what you need! Get in touch with our team at IVologist to schedule your appointment. Remember, we make things extra convenient for you by coming directly to you to administer your NAD+ IV therapy bag in the comfort of your home. So start feeling your best and protecting your body from everything that wants to harm it, and book your mobile NAD IV therapy infusion today!

Frequently Asked Questions

While NAD therapy is not FDA approved, the FDA does consider it a safe treatment.

Many people will have a clearer mind and improved physical stamina after one infusion, but other results may take a few days and additional therapies.

You can use NAD therapies for everything from self-maintenance to anti-aging therapies. In addition, we can help develop a personalized therapy plan for optimal results.

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