Immune System Booster IV Therapy Bag

Our immune system booster IV utilizes a powerful combination of vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients that work very well together to support your immune system and help prevent falling ill. So, when you feel yourself start to feel sluggish, one of the early signs of an infection or cold, our IV therapy can help reduce the duration and severity of your illness, especially if it is administered at the onset of symptoms.

The first and most apparent benefit of IV therapy is that it can provide help when you need it. If you are feeling sick, run down, or just generally not good, an IV infusion can give your body the boost it needs to get back on track. This is especially helpful if you struggle with a chronic illness or infection.

hydration IV therapy in North Texas

Instant Rehydration

IV therapy is an efficient way to provide your body with optimal hydration and support all vital organ functions. In addition, it can help prevent medical issues like kidney stones, constipation, or muscle damage.

Fast Treatment

IV vitamin therapies can be done in under an hour, and you won’t have to spend time waiting. Most treatments allow for a comfortable, relaxed environment where the professionals take care of everything while giving your body what it needs.

Don't Be A Slave To Pills

With customized IV therapy, you can decrease the need for costly nutritional supplements. Our nurses work with patients to determine exactly what their bodies need and how often they should be treated.

Preventative IV Therapy

IV therapy can be an effective step on the road to preventive healthcare. Therapeutic doses of vitamin C have been shown not only for their effectiveness in building immunity but also against cancer cells which makes them a one-of-a-kind option when compared with other therapies available today!

The Benefits of our Immunity Boosting Therapy Bags

Get Help When You Need It

Quick Results

IV therapy is a great way to give yourself the instant gratification of feeling better. You can feel an improved mood, increased energy levels, and clarity in just hours!

flush toxins with IV therapy in north Texas

Fight Off Toxins

The toxins in your everyday environment can take a toll on you and your health. Our IV therapy provides antioxidants that fight off premature signs of aging, helping flush harmful substances out more effectively than ever before.

IV Drips Promote Weight Loss

Intravenous therapy may be one of the most efficient ways to boost your body’s natural efforts at losing weight.

Increased Energy Levels

IV vitamin therapy will give you a natural boost of energy. In addition, Intravenous nutrients like amino acids can help replace the need for coffee, soda, and other caffeinated drinks that flood our bodies with unnecessary sugar.

IV Therapies Can Increase Circulation

The use of IV drips can also benefit your cardiovascular system, thanks to the vitamins and minerals that improve its functionality.

Promotes Relaxation

IV therapy not only provides you with more energy but can also make your mood lighter. In addition, IV magnesium sulfate helps lower blood pressure and is an electrolyte that may help calm feelings of anxiety in some people.

What Our Immune Boosting Bag Can Do For You

As the seasons change, you’re more likely to get exposed to a cold or the flu. If you don’t want to deal with getting sick, one of our immune boosts might be a great way to keep yourself in better shape. We combined a number of immune boosters in order to provide you with as much protection as possible.

For immune therapy, we recommend getting this treatment before you start feeling sick. If you’ve been around anyone who has gotten ill or you are beginning to feel run down, get in touch with us to schedule an appointment. However, if you are already sick, the immune IV can help reduce the severity of the symptoms you suffer.

Happy IVologist Customers

Kellye Jimenez



We are working the fireworks works stand at 7760 Hwy 87E San Antonio Texas, and this year it is hot. Bartosz Kostur was amazing and so helpful. He took only one poke to find our veins and helped talk us down from being a little scared about the process. He was knowledgeable and friendly. They also worked around our very busy schedules and came out on our convenience each and every time. This has been a major relief for me to not have to worry about getting dehydrated out here while working. Thank you IVologist and Bartosz.

Elia Vagas



Great Service! I believe I had Bert help me, he was so good, professional and friendly. Made me feel very comfortable and informed with what he was putting in my pregnancy bag. Definitely recommend and will be using this service again in the future!

Shawn Hansson



Had them come to my hotel after not feeling good. My appointment was with Bartosz and he did a great job. I felt much better after. Good communication and on time




The nurse arrived on-time and was very friendly and professional. The process was not long and pleasant. Getting relaxed sleepy as told so let's see.

A Variety Of IV Therapies Available

No matter what aspect of life you want to improve, we have an IV therapy designed just for it! Some of the treatments available include infusions for weight loss, hangovers, athletic performance, energy and wellness, beauty, and more.

With traditional oral supplements, the nutrients must first enter the digestive system before they can be absorbed. Unfortunately, this process causes the breakdown of nutrients, which can leave them filtered and not as effective. IV therapy cuts straight to the chase; it’s the fastest way to get nutrients in your body without getting filtered out and possibly expelled.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our immune system drip is filled with a variety of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that were specifically formulated to provide your immune system with a boost. Get in touch with a team member today to learn more about this and any of our other IV therapy options.

Your immune system is basically the natural defense your body utilizes to help fight off illness and disease. But there are several invaders out there that include parasites, viruses, and fungi, and if any of these compromise your system, you could wind up getting quite sick. This is why you should do what you can to maintain a healthy immune system.

IV infusions are an incredible way of delivering nutrients, vitamins, and fluids directly into your bloodstream. This technique bypasses our digestive system, so we can absorb these helpful substances much faster than if they were eaten or drank on their own! Not only will it help us feel better, but those who receive this treatment have seen improvements in everything from blood pressure levels all the way down to cholesterol levels- making them perfect for anyone looking after themselves properly.

We do offer special rates and group discounts, contact us for more information.

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