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IV Therapy For COVID Symptoms

Reduce The Severity Of Symptoms And Risk Of Hospitalization

COVID-19 has taken the world by storm, and many people who become infected with it face debilitating long-term symptoms. Even those who recover may require intensive medical care; some mild cases can persist for weeks, leaving you feeling sluggish or unable to think clearly.
There is a better way, though–IV therapy for COVID deliver fluids, antioxidants, electrolytes, vitamins & nutrients directly into your bloodstream, where they’re quickly absorbed.

Our registered nurses will assess your symptoms before providing suggestions on what type of IV therapy for COVID would be best for you—whether it’s hydration or another medication like antioxidant therapy.

In-Home IV Therapy For Covid

You'll feel relief from your sore muscles and a boost of energy in no time with our mobile IV therapy for COVID. Your certified nurse will come to you at home, administer the treatment, which takes less than an hour, and we will be on our way!

IV Drips Helpful For Covid-19 Recovery

There are a whole lot of people who have been hit by the Coronavirus. And while most people recover relatively quickly, there are others who suffer long-term effects. There is a lot of evidence that IV drips for COVID aid in the relief from some of the symptoms of COVID, including brain fog, extreme tiredness, and joint pain.

Alleviate Symptoms From Home

The sooner you request an appointment, the faster we can get rid of your symptoms. In addition, we offer a targeted therapy for COVID-19 that will help make things better and feel great!

100 Percent Absorption Rate

IV therapy delivers vitamins and antioxidants directly to our cells. Research has shown that people are able to obtain 100% absorption of supplements through IV therapies when compared with an average 20% absorption rate for oral medication.

You Will Benefit From Our COVID IV Therapy

IV Therapy Is One Of The Top Ways To Support the Immune System In The Event Of A COVID Diagnosis

hydration IV therapy in North Texas

Staying Hydrated

Hydration is essential not just for staying healthy but also when you're trying to prevent getting sick. Studies have shown that adequate hydration ensures our cells are working at peak condition.

flush toxins with IV therapy in north Texas

Naturally Detoxify Your Body

IV therapy for COVID is an effective way to help your body naturally detoxify and remove harmful free radicals. The best time for this treatment would be when you are experiencing symptoms of immune cells being impaired, such as fatigue or headache pain relief from toxins buildup in the brain.

Fighting Long-Term Symptoms

COVID-19 has significantly impacted our world, and many people who become infected with the virus face debilitating long-term symptoms. Even those that recover from it may require intensive medical care; some mild cases can persist for weeks, leaving you feeling sluggish or unable to think clearly--IV treatments are a fantastic option to alleviate your discomfort while hastening recovery time.

Monoclonal Antibodies

The immune system is a complex network of cells and organizations that work together to protect us from disease. One way our bodies do this, particularly with SARS-CoV2 in mind (a virus known for causing COVID 19), are anti- "antibody" infusions that can reduce severe illness when given early on with a clinically positive test result.

Iv therapy for quick relief

Mild Symptoms Can Quickly Turn Worse

While you might have mild symptoms at first, they can get much worse rather quickly. Therefore, it is best if you act early once you have been diagnosed with COVID.

Avoid A Trip To The Hospital

COVID IV therapy can help you keep your symptoms mild and avoid a trip to the hospital.

At Home IV Therapy For COVID

IV treatments can be an efficient way to alleviate COVID-19 symptoms and speed up your recovery time. Instead of waiting for nutrients in food or supplements that may not pass through the digestive tract quickly enough, IVs deliver fluids immediately, so they're more effective at relieving pain while also providing better results over more extended periods than with oral medications alone.

Happy IVologist Customers

Kellye Jimenez



We are working the fireworks works stand at 7760 Hwy 87E San Antonio Texas, and this year it is hot. Bartosz Kostur was amazing and so helpful. He took only one poke to find our veins and helped talk us down from being a little scared about the process. He was knowledgeable and friendly. They also worked around our very busy schedules and came out on our convenience each and every time. This has been a major relief for me to not have to worry about getting dehydrated out here while working. Thank you IVologist and Bartosz.

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Great Service! I believe I had Bert help me, he was so good, professional and friendly. Made me feel very comfortable and informed with what he was putting in my pregnancy bag. Definitely recommend and will be using this service again in the future!

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Had them come to my hotel after not feeling good. My appointment was with Bartosz and he did a great job. I felt much better after. Good communication and on time




The nurse arrived on-time and was very friendly and professional. The process was not long and pleasant. Getting relaxed sleepy as told so let's see.

IV Infusion Therapy For COVID

COVID IV Therapy aims to provide high doses of antiviral medication through an IV line while simultaneously addressing possible underlying infections. This new treatment was explicitly designed for Coronavirus and may help prevent complications like extended hospital stays, more fatal cases, or even death from this common respiratory illness.

It's time to get your life back on track with this powerful and safe IV. It can help restore blood, liver & kidney function as well as shorten recovery from surgery or infection—allowing you the body's natural healing process much faster than ever before.

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, nobody knows for sure just how long antibodies persist once you have been diagnosed with COVID.

Yes, the point of IV therapy for COVID is to reduce the chances of worsening symptoms.

Side effects from IV therapy fall under the category of non-existent to mild. However, you might experience some discomfort, including soreness and redness around the site of the injection.

Schedule Your COVID IV Therapy With IVologist

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