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During the wintertime, a combination of factors leaves us especially vulnerable to cold and flu illnesses: the days are shorter, which means less time for our bodies to soak up sunlight, cold weather wears down our immune system, and central heating in buildings can dry out air which limits humidity needed to flush out airborne viruses. To prepare for a healthy winter, it’s important to avoid activities like sharing drinks or utensils that can transmit germs, make sure you get enough rest, keep hydrated, and supplement your diet with extra Vitamin D to help your body stay ready for any viruses or bacteria looking to settle in. And, of course, visiting IVologist, your IV bar helps tremendously as well. 

What Gets Us Sick

While it is true that winter brings colder temperatures, it is wrong to think this directly causes people to get sick. In actuality, the viruses and germs in the air are the ones causing illnesses this season. While cold air may make these illnesses more unbearable, it cannot take sole responsibility for our occasional sniffles or serious bouts of flu.

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The heat on our body actually changes some of the chemistry inside us that helps keep us healthy, so when exposed to cold temperatures for prolonged lengths of time, our body becomes more vulnerable to infections like common colds and flu. This doesn’t mean you have no chance of staving off sickness during the winter months – if you remain conscious about hygiene and staying away from crowds, you will be able to protect yourself against viruses.

Immune System Booster IV Therapy

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The human body needs help to remain healthy and fight off infection. To do so, it consumes vitamins like Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), which helps protect the individual from viral and bacterial infections. Since the human body cannot produce its own Vitamin C, we must obtain it from outside sources such as citrus fruits or oral supplements. Though this oral supplementation helps maintain health, a more practical approach often requires higher dosages of the vitamin.

This is where IVologist, your IV bar, comes into play; through our services, the body can gain access to much higher doses of Vitamin C directly into their bloodstreams for use in protecting them against potential viruses and infection. Studies have confirmed that taking vitamin C by IV therapy can cut down on cold duration and severity while also keeping the cold away in general. It’s clear that high doses of vitamins are beneficial for an improved overall immune response.

Drink Water

Contrary to popular belief, proper hydration is important for the body, especially during times of sickness. With nearly two-thirds of our bodies comprised of water, it’s no surprise that dehydration can lead to a variety of symptoms like headaches, fatigue, and feelings of anxiety.

When you come down with the flu or a cold, your immune system must work harder than ever to fight off the illness – so it’s important to stay hydrated to help your body rebuild and heal itself. Proper hydration allows every cell and system in your body not only to exist but also to thrive, so if you want to feel your best, take the time to ensure that you are drinking enough water each day.

Wash Your Hands As Much As Possible

How often have we heard our mothers tell us ‘wash your hands’ while growing up? It can be a simple reminder that is so easy to forget, especially when taking a quick trip out of the house. But it’s these times when it matters the most – when we may be exposed to high-traffic areas or to objects like door knobs and rails or airplane trays and seats that many people have touched before us.

Your mother’s advice is not only wise but proven – washing your hands can significantly lower your chances of being infected with harmful bacteria and viruses, thus improving your overall health. So please do as our moms said and always wash your hands.

Go To Bed At A Reasonable Hour

Your body is an incredible machine, and its powers of regeneration when you sleep are remarkable. When you’re asleep, your body works to repair any damage that has occurred during the day – from repairing torn muscles to restoring lost fluids. But this process can’t happen unless you get enough sleep each night.

If you don’t get enough sleep, not only will it have an adverse effect on your immune system and make it easier for viruses like colds and flu to take hold, but it might also be a sign that your body isn’t being properly hydrated. It’s essential for everyone to get the amount of sleep recommended for their age group, both for mental and physical well-being.

Stay Active

As winter draws closer, it reminds us of the sneezes, sore throats, and sniffles that accompany cold and flu season. However, one thing often overlooked is using exercise to help protect ourselves from a variety of illnesses commonly associated with this time of year. Research has consistently demonstrated that regular exercise helps reduce inflammatory hormones in our body and increases the production of infection-fighting white blood cells. This means that active people can enjoy fewer infections during cold and flu season than those who lead more sedentary lifestyles.

The great thing about being in Texas is that temperatures don’t typically drop as low as in other places in the country, making it easier to take advantage of winter sports and outdoor activities as a way to get some physical activity while staying safe from illness. So why not start now? Get your family outside and reap all the benefits of an active lifestyle.

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