Mobile IV Therapy In Fredericksburg, TX

Mobile IV therapy is becoming an increasingly popular and convenient option for people in Fredericksburg who need fast and reliable hydration, essential vitamins, minerals, and other active ingredients. Not only does it allow the patient to receive treatment in the comfort of their own home, but depending on their needs, mobile IV therapy can also provide personalized solutions tailored to the individual’s health concerns.

IV Therapy Fredericksburg, TX

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Popular IV Therapy Drips



Put an end to your hangover with our amazing and speedy Hangover IV Drip! This solution supplies all of the vital nutrients needed for a rapid return to feeling great, allowing you to beat that pesky post-party blues quickly.

Key Uses: B Liver Detox, Increased Energy, Anti-Nausea, Anti-Headache

Immunity Booster


Don't let unhealthy energy drain you; upgrade your immune system with an Immunity Booster IV Drip! Feel the boost of essential vitamins, antioxidants and electrolytes that help protect against battle fatigue and sickness. Recharge now for a healthier tomorrow!

Key Uses: Promotes Rehydration, Increased Energy, Helps Fight Off Toxins

Athlete Recovery


After a grueling morning workout, feeling tired and sapped of energy? IV therapy can help you not just replenish fluid loss but also give your body the necessary boost it needs to stay healthy. Invigorate yourself with in-home or mobile treatments - tailor made for athletes who need instant recovery!

Key Uses: Increased Energy, Anti-Stress, Modd Stabilizer, Immune Support

Covid Recover


Upgrade your immune system with the Covid Recover IV Drip! Get infusion-level protection from powerful vitamins, antioxidants and electrolytes - a simple step to safeguard you against this pandemic. Now's the time to strengthen up – beat back viral threats today with our advanced defense solution.

Key Uses: Promoted Rehydration, 100% Absorption, Flushes Out Toxins

Energy Booster


Re-energize your life with our Energy Booster IV Drip! Stressed out and sleep deprived? Let us help give you the natural boost you need to keep going - delivering key vitamins directly into your system for quick replenishment of mental alertness & physical vitality.

Key Uses: Promotes Cardiovascular Health, Natural Energy, Antioxidants Boost Immune System

Migraine Relief


If you're battling the exhaustion and pain of severe migraines, we have a solution! Our Advanced Migraine Relief IV Drip is designed to quickly combat these difficulties with its potent blend of vitamins, electrolytes, and anti-inflammatories. Don't let intense headaches keep you from living your life – get fast relief today!

Key Uses: Promotes Migraine & Headache Relief, Rehydration, Anti-Nausea



Are you expecting? Make sure your body gets the nourishment and hydration it needs to keep both mother and baby healthy with our Pregnancy IV Drip Therapy - a revolutionary approach to maintaining optimal health & wellbeing during pregnancy!

Key Uses: Anti-Nausea, Replenishes Essential Nutrients, Helps With Morning Sickness

Weight Loss


Need an extra spark to ignite your weight loss goals? Look no further! Our unique Weight Loss IV Drip, with its distinct combination of 5 vitamins and minerals tailored towards melting away fat cells, is here for you.

Key Uses: Metabolism Booster, Fat Burner, Muscle Building, Increased Energy

Beauty Shine


Get your skin and body feeling its best with Beauty Shine IV Drip! This innovative blend of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals will make you look more vibrant than ever. Unlock a powerful new glow that shows how gorgeous you really are!

Key Uses: Promotes Healthy Looking Skin, Reduces Blemishes, Increased Collagen Production

Ultimate Support


Take your daily health and wellness regime to the next level with our Ultimate IV Drip! This revitalizing formula offers a powerful pick-me-up while helping to promote overall wellbeing. Not only that, but it also contains special ingredients designed to bring soothing relief from hangovers - making this an unbeatable all in one solution!

Key Uses: Promotes Recovery, Improves Sleep, Helps Reduce Anxiety, Full Rehydration



Take control of your health and age with grace - all thanks to the power of NAD+ IV Drips! This revolutionary supplement can help guard you against auto-immune diseases, while giving you a vitality boost for long lasting well being. Keep youthful energy at bay as a young adult and harness those same strength later in life; no matter how old or where you are on life's journey, NAD+ helps ensure that your peak performance is always within reach.

Key Uses: Anti-Aging, Helps Reduce Stress, Reduces Inflammation

Real People. Real Results

Justin, Humphries
Justin, Humphries
October 2022
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This weekend I was exhausted with muscle fatigue from working out. A friend recommended this company so I gave them a call. Read more...
Christopher, Flores
Christopher, Flores
October 2022
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First time and wont be my Last . My Nurse was very comforting to speak with . She checks on you to make sure your comfortable . She takes Her Job very seriously. Read more...
Stephanie, Davila
Stephanie, Davila
September 2022
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My husband called IVologist today because I had a little too much to drink the night before, and I was very happy I was able to schedule an appointment for this afternoon. Bart was on time and informed me of what exactly was in the IV, which I ordered the hangover option lol. Read more...
Kellye, Jimenez
Kellye, Jimenez
June 2022
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We are working the fireworks works stand at 7760 Hwy 87E San Antonio Texas, and this year it is hot. Bartosz Kostur was amazing and so helpful. He took only one poke to find our veins and helped talk us down from being a little scared about the process. Read more...
Shawn, Hansson
Shawn, Hansson
May 2022
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Had them come to my hotel after not feeling good. My appointment was with Bartosz and he did a great job. I felt much better after. Good communication and on time

Benefits Of Mobile IV Therapy

IV therapy is a popular healthcare trend used to deliver medication and vitamins directly to the bloodstream. This type of treatment is appealing for many reasons – not only does it provide a highly effective way of delivering nutrients, but it also bypasses the digestive system, making it faster than traditional oral medications.

Additionally, IV therapies can be customized to each patient’s needs, meaning we tailor treatments to fit the individual’s diet and lifestyle. As a result, benefits such as improved energy levels, enhanced mental clarity, and more balanced hormones can be seen immediately upon receiving an IV therapy session. With so many positive results possible from this type of treatment, it’s no wonder that IV therapy has become one of the most sought-after forms of healthcare today.

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IV Drip Therapy For Athletes

Athletes are always looking for an edge to help them perform better. They may try different training methods, diets, and even supplements. Some athletes have turned to IV therapy to help recover from workouts, prevent injuries, and improve their overall performance.

IV therapy can help athletes in many ways. The fluids and nutrients in the IV can help them recover from workouts faster. The vitamins and minerals can also help boost their immune system, preventing them from getting sick or injured. Some athletes also claim that IV therapy gives them more energy and improves their mental focus.

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IV Therapy For Hangovers

IV therapy is quickly becoming the go-to solution for those suffering from hangover symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, and dehydration. Instead of reaching for those greasy foods or unhealthy beverages to reduce the feeling of the day after the night before, more and more people are opting for IV therapy, which can help to replenish electrolytes and fluids lost throughout the night. 

Besides being easier on the stomach than downing a Gatorade or an energy drink at warp speed, IV therapy can also keep you feeling great long after your hangover has worn off. It hydrates your cells, thus reducing headaches and fatiguing muscle aches that come with a hangover. The best part is that it works fast. In as little as 45 minutes, you can be on your feet again and feel refreshed and energized.

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Frequently Asked IV Therapy Questions

After an IV therapy session, you can expect to feel the benefits instantly. Rehydration and replenishment of your electrolytes will give you a sense of invigorated energy that often lasts for days! With no harmful side effects, this is one safe treatment sure to make you look and feel great in no time!

Hydration Therapy offers many advantages – from faster recovery times, to improved cognitive performance and boosted immunity! Not only is it more efficient than oral hydration, but the IV treatments are specifically tailored to your body’s needs. Plus they can help flush out toxins that may have built up over time. So why wait? Start reaping the rewards of better health through Hydration Therapy today!

Hydration therapy is a time-efficient way to rehydrate your body and get the nutrients it needs. With most procedures lasting between 45 minutes and an hour, you can be confident that replenishing yourself won’t take up too much of your day. You should start feeling its effects shortly after starting hydration therapy; however, if severely dehydrated then recovery may take some additional time.